Differences between Maslow and Herzberg?


Differences between Maslow and Herzberg is that Maslow is descriptive and Herzberg is prescriptive. Another difference is Maslows has a hierarchy and Herzberg does not have a hieraarchy. The similarity is that they both assume that special needs affect behavior.
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The similarities are as follow: Both theories confer that a specific set of needs must be met in order to propiciate behavior, and maintain it. In Manslow's theory, it is through
As we compare Frederick Herzberg's two factor theory and Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, they both specify the criteria as to what motivates people. We would also come
The differences between herzberg and maslow are in the information and the links below : Frederick Irving Herzberg (1923 - 2000) was a noted psychologist who became one of the most
I think the main difference is honestly their belief on what motivates people. Maslow believed that certain factors motivated people to do certain things better or at all, while Herzberg
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