Different Crochet Stitches?


When it comes to crocheting the chain stitch seems to be the most popular, but there are many more stitches that can be used with the chain stitch to create blankets and more. Using one of the many different crochet stitches can open up a wide variety of things that can be made. Common stitches are; chain stitch, slip stitch, v stitch and double crochet stitching. Using various other steps that involve stitching these stitches together and sewing some other areas the possibilities of crafting with yarn are endless.
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Different Crochet Stitches
Crochet can be a relatively easy craft to learn, consisting of yarn and one hook. The hook pulls the yarn through a series of loops, creating stitches and, ultimately, crocheted fabric. There are a number of crochet stitches, and each stitch creates a... More »
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1. Make a yarn-over on your crochet hook with your main color. You're setting up your double crochet stitch for the color change. 2. Slip your hook into the next stitch. Pick up all
There are about 6 basic crochet stitches. them being: ch~chain stitch. sc~single crochet. dc~double crochet. hdc~half double crochet. treble. ss~slip stitch. most patterns will use
1 Begin your crochet work. Work until you need to make your slip stitch. Ad 2 Insert your hook into the indicated loop(s) or space.
I've created a free tutorial to help you learn the basic v stitch.
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Crochet is a very relaxing hobby that is enjoyed by many people. In order to do crochet, crochet hooks are used to make different stitches. The size of the stitches ...
A crochet can alternatively be made by creating a ring, with a foundation chain, slip stitch, threefold crochet and then clasping it off. However when the work ...
To close a Crochet stitch, the final stitch on the pattern is to be completed. It will have an appearance similar to hook shaft. The yarn is cut and crochet hook ...
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