Different Letter Styles?


There are many different letter styles to choose from when sending letters to people. If one is sending a letter to a business they will choose a more formal writing style, it keeps the communication professional and allows the writer and the reader to understand that it's not personal communication. Other letter styles are personal letters, technical letters and medical transcripts. Each career has their own way of writing between themselves and customers or clients.
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1. Sharpen your pencil to a fine point. 2. Use a ruler or lettering guide and your pencil to lightly draw guidelines for your letters. Alternately, you can use graph paper with pre-printed
Block Style. Modified Block Style. Semi-Block Style.
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Different Styles of Lettering
Choosing a style of lettering to communicate information requires careful thought. Author Mel Gooding explains that no matter what you are creating, "lettering is expressive and speaks for [itself]."... More »
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The alphabet in different lettering styles use different fonts. Each style or design of these letters come in different varieties. With the use of creativity, ...
It is crazy to think about just how many different lettering styles are actually available. The majority of people do not know many lettering styles other than ...
A simplified letter style is a letter format that is professional and focused without unnecessary formality. Compared to full-block and semi-block letter formats ...
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