Different Types of Magma?


There are three different types of magma: basalt, andesite, and rhyolite. Basalt is high temperature and flowing magma. andesite is moderate temperature with some flowing and moderate explosiveness. rhyolite is highly explosive and low temperature.
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Mafic, intermediate, and felsic are terms used to describe magma, lava, and rocks.
The molten rock beneath the earth's crust collects in a magma chamber under a crack or weak area. As the hot, molten magma collects, the pressure increases until the magma bursts
There are four different types of fossils. True form fossils are fossils of the actual plant and animal. Trace fossils are fossilized nests, burrows, or footprints. There are mold
Several different types of magma are Ultramafic, Mafic,
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Different Types of Magma
You may first think of fiery orange eruptions when you think of magma, but the different types of magma behave differently. Three types of magma exist on Earth today, and an extinct fourth type is unable to form on our cooled planet. Each magma type has... More »
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Magma and lava are the same substance in two different forms. Magma is molten rock that is found beneath the earth's crust, while lava is what magma becomes once ...
Rhyolitic magma has the greatest silica content, with silica making up about 70 percent of the magma. Basaltic and andesitic magma have lower silica contents at ...
Mount Shasta's magma is composed of basalts and basaltic andesite. These two types of magma are very runny, forming large shield cones and steep, loose tephra ...
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