How to Pick a Lock Using a Paperclip?


To pick a lock using a paperclip, you'll first need to be sure the lock is a tumbler-style lock. Inserting the paperclip into the keyhole, you simply gently move it until you hear the tumbler click.
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1. Bend one end of a paperclip until it is straight. 2. Hammer the tip of the end you just unbent so that it is as flat as possible. Place the paperclip onto a hard surface, such
1 Unfold your first jumbo paperclip into your lock pick. In order to do this, unfold a large edge of your paperclip twice until a straight portion juts out. Some locksmiths also put
A battery has electricity in it already, with a paper clip, however, you need to get an electric shock going to make that become electric, because it is metal, but only for a split
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