Different Ways to Divide a Square into Fourths?


You can divide a square into equal parts in several ways. First of all, you can divide it into four equal horizontal parts or four equal vertical parts. You can cut a cross of sorts into the middle so that you get four equal square parts.
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How to Divide a Square into Fourths
A square is among the most identifiable shapes and it is used in many ways, such as to start the foundation of a building or shape a baked treat. Squares have four sides that are equal in length. Dividing a square into four equal parts is an exercise... More »
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1. Measure each side of the square. Place a dot in the middle of each measurement. 2. Draw a line from each dot to the corresponding dot on the other side of the square. You should
There are is not a number of ways, but three are: (1) You could cut it up into square (two perpendicular lines, one coming vertically, the other horizontally. (2) You could do two
First find the midpoint of the segment. It'll divide
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To divide a square into four equal parts easiest way is to draw two lines. Draw a line from each corner to the opposite corner and you now have four equal parts. ...
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