What do different ways of holding hands mean?


The different ways of holding hands in a romantic relationship indicate feelings of dominance, connection and independence. If a man puts his wrist in front of a woman's hand with his palm on top, it typically indicates dominance. If a man likes to interlace his fingers with the woman's fingers, it usually means a strong connection. If a man interlaces just a few fingers with the woman, it indicates independence.

Holding hands also has a scientific effect on a relationship. The hormone oxytocin is released when holding hands. Oxytocin raises affection between couples. Hand holding also reduces stress-related hormones.

Emotionally, hand holding between couples relays signs of affection to each other and to the outside world. A couple holding hands is declaring their devotion to each other in a physical manner.

Hand holding is also used in other relationships that are not romantic. Holding the hand of a child is a way to protect and care for the child. It stops a child from being lost and is a way to guide the child in the right direction. People hold the hands of the elderly to help them walk without falling. They also use hand holding as a means of support when someone they care about feels insecure or threatened in a situation.

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