How to Put on a Pashmina in Different Ways?


There are many different ways you can put your hair up. One way is to put it in a bun. You can also put it up using a rubber band and put it into a pony tail.
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How to put your hair up
A chignon is a simple, classic updo hairstyle that is suitable for hair that is medium length or long. The technique for creating a classic chignon is similar to that of a classic bun, but you wear the chignon slightly lower down, towards the nape of the... More »
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1. Open the pashmina to its full length and then throw it over your shoulders as you would a shawl. This look is ideal for a night out on the town or for keeping warm on a flight.
You can curl your hair
Hair extensions can be applied in individual strands, machine
you can get them glued in, different peices clipped in, weaved in, or one peice clipped in. i have the Jessica Simpson extensions, and they work really well. Theyre around 90 dollars
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There are many different ways to put your hair up. You could use the soft swept pony tail, by simply pinning the top back and then securing the pony tail close ...
There are many cute ways to put your hair in for school. Some of these include a simple ponytail, a traditional braid, side braid, or a french braid, pigtails, ...
There are several ways to part your hair. It can be parted on the side, left or right. It can be parted straight down the middle. A really cool zig zag part looks ...
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