Different Ways to Spell Names?


There are many different names, and with these names, different spellings can be created. To find different spellings, first decide on what name needs to be spelled differently. Write the common spelling of the name down on a piece of paper, then begin experimenting with the letters in the name. Use different combinations of letters that produce similar sounds to the letters already in the name. Baby name books and online websites may also offer resources for different spellings to many traditional names.
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You Can spell it like this: Kristopher. Kristofer. Christofer. Cristopher. Cristofer. Chrystopher. Chrystofer. Just fiddle around with different combinations of K, C, PH and F.
I'll answer the first part of your question: Lakshmi. Laxmi.
Other ways you can spell Jesabel are Jezabel, Jezebel, Jezibel
There is only one spelling for the
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Proper names, also called proper nouns, refer to specific people, places or things. These names always have an initial capital letter regardless of where they are in a sentence. Many proper names have fixed spellings that do not change and are language... More »
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