How do you deal with a difficult parent?


People serving in different capacities often have to deal with difficult parents. Teachers, for example, have a hard time dealing with some parents but must ensure they keep their cool and try to make the parents understand certain school policies. When communicating with parents at all levels, careful use of language is paramount.
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1. Establish clear rules (discuss and agree upon specific rules with your spouse, if applicable.) Explain the new rules to your child in a calm manner. Don't wait until the child
Parenting is more important thing to do. As the mental growth of the child is based on the parenting. If the parenting is good the child will grow in good way if not it will not help
I'll answer my own question. I tell people all the time that, taken on the whole, I can measure a typical person's maturity by the level of anger they hold for their parents. . There
The newborn stage of children is the most difficult for parents due
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