Digital Odometer Repair?


An odometer is a device that is used to track the distance that someone or something moves. A digital odometer displays the numbers of the distance on an LED screen, making it easy to read. Sometimes, digital odometers may not function properly and may require repair. When this occurs, a special software or program may be needed to reprogram the odometer. Other times, there may be an issue with the ECU inside of the odometer that requires repair or replacement. There are many auto shops and repairmen that have the experience and the tools to diagnose the problem with a digital odometer and repair it.
Q&A Related to "Digital Odometer Repair?"
1. Open the driver's-side door and pry off the cover from the passenger compartment fuse panel located to the far left of the steering wheel. 2. Remove the fuse labeled "CLSTR&
If the digital odometer is not displaying its readout or is working intermittently it is a common occurrence that there is a bad solder connection on the instrument cluster. When
An odometer is an instrument for measuring distance traveled, as by an automobile. It usually has 7 digits. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 12:15PM EST.
1 Call the manufacturer and/or visit their website. If you're still under warranty, contact the manufacturer and see if you can get a repair or replacement. If you're going to do
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