How to Make Contractions for Dilation?


Being dilated without having contractions at the beginning of labor is normal. You will want to see your doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong. The contractions should start at any time.
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First of all you can be 2 cm.. for months before delivery. You also can have contractions that seem like the real thing. It is good to be concerned. The doctor must have felt that
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Ali, I'm sorry that it has taken so long to reply to you, but I did not get your e-mail until today. The best way I can help you is first to give you a reading assignment. Go to
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Cervical dilation is based on one finger, one centimeter measurement. For example, 2cm dilated would mean that it is the size of two fingers. 3cm dilated, despite ...
Yes, you can dilate a little without ever having a contraction. As the labor progresses, the contractions will come harder and make you dilate more. If you think ...
Dilation without contractions is quite normal. Contrary to the common belief the two are not related in any way. You will start dilating even before going into ...
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