What Is the Street Value of 4mg Dilaudid?


Street value for a 4 mg Dilaudid is between $10 to $15 USD as of 2009. Dilaudid is a prescription drug for relief of moderate to severe pain. Its generic name is hydromorphone hydrochloride. It is an opioid pain medication.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Street Value of 4mg Dilaudid"
they go for 4 to 6 dollars each up here in Washington but could be different where your at depending on the availability.
It is illegal to buy Dilaudid is illegal withiut a prescription. It is an controlled
most likely they gave you a higher dose pill because your body may not absorb it to well so the higher dose will help ensure it actually helps. when its injected it all goes right
The street price of a 4 mg tablet of Dilaudid, the most common dosage strength reported, ranges from $5 to $100 per tablet depending on the region. badly so after much discussion
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