The Dilophosaurus would be 20 feet all if it stood straight up and it was 5 ft tall if it was walking on all fours. This dinosaur was a meat eater. They portrayed the dinosaur in Jurassic Park, however, it was not exactly the same as the real one. Dilophosaurus means double crested lizard.
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Dilophosaurus measured around 6 meters (20 ft) long and may have weighed half a ton. Its fossils of come from the Navajo Indian Reservation, just west of Tuba City, Arizona. Just a few tens of feet below the level of the bones, large... More »
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Dilophosaurus was about 10 feet tall.
The dilophosaurus was five feet in height and 20 feet long. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Of the dozen or so dinosaurs that every kid knows by heart, Dilophosaurus occupies the strangest position. This theropod's popularity can be attributed almost entirely to its colorful
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Dilophosaurus has a gap on the collar about its neck and it spatters poison. This animal was a theropod dinosaur from the Sinemurian stage of the first Jurassic ...
The Dilophosaurus became extinct about 193 million years ago. They theropod dinosaur that existed during the early Jurassic periods. They were carnivorous that ...
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