What happened to Dinah Shore's supposed black child?


There is no evidence that Dinah Shore ever had a black child. She gave birth to a daughter in 1948 and adopted a son in 1954. Both of Dinah Shore's children have a light complexion.

The old rumor that Dinah Shore had a black child alleges that Shore had hidden black ancestry and was afraid to have a child should her secret be exposed, or that she actually had a black child and kept it a secret. Neither of these rumors appear to be true. Both of Dinah's parents were Jewish immigrants from Russian, so it is highly unlikely that she had black ancestry on either side of her family. Earlier pictures of Dinah Shore show that she had a darker complexion and dark hair when she was younger, but that is in line with her Jewish ancestry. She did have two children with her husband and fellow actor, George Montgomery. Melissa, a biological child, was born in 1954, and a son, John David, was adopted in 1954. Both of these children have light complexions. Dinah Shore and her husband divorced in 1962, and she had an active dating life after that, but she was not reported to have any other children.

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There was a nonsense rumor that Dinah Shore's first baby was black and that she sued her mother for not telling her that she was partly black. A person claiming to be Dinah's sister
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