What Are a Dingoes Structural Adaptations?


The Dingo's structural adaptations are to be able to turn its wrists, to turn their heads almost 360 degrees and to be able to partially dislocate their hip joints to enter dens of prey. Their coat grows thicker or thinner depending upon the weather. They are sand colored, blending into Australian vegetation.
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Dingoes have larger jaws then other dogs of the same size, thiere teeth are thinner and longer then dogs of there size and they cerve a bit like a hook does, they also have longer
The fur is sandy color, like it's environment, although they come in different color, natural selection has made sandy color most common. Also the fur is single layered due to their
Due to the fact that dingoes live in hot enviornments they have a short one layered coat to keep them cool. The dingoes that live in the cold snowy areas have a two layered thick
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