How do you decorate pumpkins with dinosaurs?


You can decorate your pumpkin with dinosaurs with ease. You can simply paint them on free hand or use a stencil. You can also buy a stencil to cut one out of the pumpkin.
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1. Draw a simple, 3-inch tall Tyrannosaurus rex shape on a piece of poster board. Cut the shape from the poster board to create a tracing stencil. Draw a simple, 2-inch tall brontosaurus
During the Halloween season, you can find patterns for pumpkin carving at your local department store, specialty Halloween store, or online. You can also find great carving kits at
There is no pattern. As the colored circles fall into the boxes above the piano, press the key beneath the specific box. You will have to move quickly as the notes come faster. Play
Ehow has some simple templates: ween/te. Martha Stewart's Living. Halloween special always has nice design templates - these are archived here with instructions
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