Diploma Mills?


Diploma mills allow individuals to purchase a diploma and transcripts from a university of their choice. These diplomas may look somewhat authentic, but they are not official copies of university diplomas.
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diploma mill
an organization claiming to be an institution of higher learning but existing for profit only and granting degrees without demanding proper qualifications of the recipients.
a college or university having such a large number of students that none receives individual attention from the teachers.
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1. Evaluate an institution's claims offering degrees which can be earned in unusually short periods of time. Earning a degree takes time and hard work. If it seems to easy to earn
Education is an invaluable resource in today's world, since degrees can lead to greater understanding, new jobs and promotions. The challenge with education is that it can be expensive
n. Informal An unaccredited institution of higher education that grants degrees without ensuring that students are properly qualified.
A diploma mill is a business that makes a profit by disguising itself as a legitimate
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