Direct Relief during the Great Depression?


The direct relief during the great depression was a loan. This loan was brought forth by one man. His name was Herbert Hoover and the loans he gave were direct relief for states.
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Herbert Hoover supported a loan to states for direct relief
Because it is not constitutional.
1. Research investors. Floyd Bostwick Odlum turned $39,000 into $100 million by investing his seed money in undervalued firms during the Depression. He bought failing companies at
direct relief is cash money given to qualified poor people. compare that to food stamps which can only redeemed for food.
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The term direct relief during the Great Depression referred to the payments that were directly made by the local government agencies to destitute families and ...
Direct relief was a term used during the Great Depression to refer to the payments that were made by local government agencies directly to poor individuals and ...
Bread lines during the Great Depression provided relief to people in terms of food assistance. They were funded by either the government, charitable institutions ...
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