How to Make Yarn Dogs?


Making a yarn dog is very simple since it is done using left over yarn after knitting activities. First one needs to bind yarn around the cardboard, by means of one colour of yarn or combined colours snipping the bound yarn to the sphere. Then cut a piece of yarn and slide it below the wrapped yarn and tie a double knot, tuning the cardboard and cutting free yarn from it. Make the ball stand on base and eventually cut into the needed shapes and apply glue on foam and place the dog's feet.
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Making yarn dogs involve tedious work and sound concentration. The amount of time you have will determine how long it takes for you to finish your yarn dog. The first thing you do
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A direct yarn count is a numerical representation of the fineness of a yarn. The Denier system is an example. A yarn with a Denier number of 75 weighs 75 g per 9,000 m of yarn. The
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Directions for a Yarn Dog
Kids love animals, making animal-theme crafts a popular choice of activity. Many children have dogs of their own or know someone who does, so create a craft inspired by these friendly pups. A yarn dog is simple to make and is a cute finished product... More »
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