How do you get On Demand on DIRECTV?


DIRECTV is a satellite T.V. service that many home owners use. To get On Demand on DIRECTV you will need to have the package for it. If you do have the package with On Demand you should be able to access it through the remote control.
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1. Hook up your DirecTV HD DVR to your computer network. Connect the telephone cable to the telephone jack on the modem and the telephone wall jack. Turn on the modem. Use an Ethernet
Channel 1000 is the main home page for Directv on Demand.
Typical "DTV Customer Care Representative" doesn't even answer your question, but just reads a script. A script with limited information I might add. For example, the R22
Satellite television is a very complex system. It is pretty obvious since the arrival of its latest and state-of-the-art technology especially during this stage of the digital age
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How to Get on-Demand With DirecTV
Like other satellite and cable providers, DirecTV offers on Demand. On Demand is a service that allows users to watch television programs and movies whenever they want. You can have professional installation done, however a fee is usually attached. To... More »
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