Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber Manual?


The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber came with a manual when purchased brand new. The manual tells how to operate the machine and other important information. The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber manual can be replaced if you have lost it. You can contact the company for a replacement manual. You can contact them by telephone number at 800 321 1134 or you can go to their website and contact them. There is also a Find Manuals tab on their website that allows you to download the manual.
Q&A Related to "Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber Manual?"
1. Locate your Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber’s cleaning solution tank. Push on the lid-release latch at the back of the unit and then gently tilt the lid toward the front. Pull the
Squirt the cleaner onto the spot/stain, turn on the scrubber. Work
I bet its the detergent left in the carpet. We had our dark brown carpet at our vacation home cleaned in January, and it turned black just from a week of foot traffic. So, we rented
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