Disadvantages of Computers in the Classroom?


As one of the most revolutionary inventions, computers have changed practically every facet of life. Advantages of this versatile machine in the classroom is many. However, there are disadvantages of computers in the classroom. One concern of some people is that computers may reduce learning demands on students. It is simply far easier for a student to look up an answer online, rather than memorize it like in the past. Additionally, they can prove to be a distraction. It is difficult for one teacher to monitor every student on the computer. This allows some to play games in lieu of doing school work.
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1. Create a schedule for computer use to be followed on days that computers are required. Each student will have their own allotted time of 15 minutes to half an hour, in which they
The major one is students being left out of the debate, the less confident/capable students backing out in stead of contributing. This could inspire the more confident/capable students
Good topic . before my take on advantages/disadvantages . a few thoughts. First off, I did offer edits (hope I did that right :s) on the above answer (and included a second explanation
You might fall and break it. Weather, heat, cold, humidity, rain, snow and wind will all have possible negative impacts.
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Disadvantages of Computers in the Classroom
The disadvantages of computers in the classroom include the fact that many teachers are ill-equipped to use it as a teaching tool, the Internet can pose harmful material to students, and computers can prove to be a waste of time when software is not... More »
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