Disadvantages of Freedom of Speech?


Some disadvantages of freedom of speech are that it is very easy to offend someone. Because anyone can say whatever they want someone is always going to be upset by it. This also means that more violence could ensue as people are irritated by others vocalizing their opinions.
Q&A Related to "Disadvantages of Freedom of Speech?"
To the government it can turn people against the government and lead to revolts. To the people, you can risk offending people. Source(s): Civics last year =P
1. Understand that is is your voice. What does it have to say? What matters to you? Do you think like your parents, or do you think the opposite views are right? Do you want to be
1 Know what you want to say. There's no use to having freedom of speech if all you want to do is talk randomly (you can still do that, but more important things can be done with the
there are some picture that totally oppases the teachings of islam .
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