Disadvantages of Nuclear Fusion?


Nuclear fusion has the disadvantages of having high maintenance costs and also the inability to control the energy released by the process. However it is seen as a potential future source of energy as fossil fuels may face depletion.
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For fusion, the main disadvantage is that nobody has been able to make it work. However it does have promise and if it can be developed it will not produce the dangerous fission products
Scientists have not yet been able to contain a fusion reaction long
The neutrons from fusion are far more intense radiation, per unit of energy generated, than the radiation produced in a fission reactor. A fusion reactor would be designed to recycle
nuclear fusion is a pipe dream as it has not been sustainably achieved (twice for about a second) It is, however, theoretically almost a perfect power source - it gives out no pollution
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Disadvantages of Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fusion has often been hailed as the silver bullet solution to the problems that plague other sources of energy. Proponents claim it's clean, has a virtually limitless supply of hydrogen fuel that can be extracted from water, does not have the... More »
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