Disadvantages of Smoking?


There are many disadvantages of smoking. Smoking elevates blood pressure, increases the heart rate, constricts the airways of the lungs, and introduces several different toxins into the body - some of which as carcinogenic.
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Youcan get cancer. This is why people call it "Cancer Sticks"
Marijuana abuse leads to depression, anxiety and personality disturbances which causes
So which are you asking? The topic says "positive," but Post 1 says "why not to." Those seem like different things. I don't really think there's much in the
Disadvantages: You will make yourself and the people around you sick. You will probably get cancer or something similar and die early. You will stink. You will have to go outside
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With smoking comes a variety of disadvantages. It's easy to set the disadvantages aside when we're young. It is not until we start having health problems that we decide to turn our attention to the disadvantages of our habit. Once you begin smoking, you... More »
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