Disadvantages of Specialization?


The disadvantages of specialization are monotony, boredom, lack of motivation, higher training costs, and lack of employee flexibility. Specialization refers to when an individual performs a particular task over and over without having any responsibilities in other tasks. The quality of work may also be affected by specialization.
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Sprecialization usually brings higher pay as you are that harder to replace. Just make sure you specialize in something people pay for. Unfortunately, the longer you specialize the
A) to pay to much attention to a part of something but not enough attention to the object as a whole. B) to focus on one thing but not the rest. C) to be good at one thing but not
Despite the improvements in productivity made possible by the
Are you talking about within a business? If so then: Some advantages include: Yields very clear task assignments, consistent with and individual’s training. Individuals within
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