Disadvantages of the Grammar Translation Method?


The grammar translation method is a method of teaching a foreign language where the rules of grammar in the foreign language is taught along with the vocabulary of that language. Little time is spent dealing with the spoken form of the language. One of the major disadvantages of this method of teaching is that it leaves students frustrated and bored. It also does not allow for the relationship between languages to be understood. To the students the language merely becomes a bunch of vocabulary words that are strung together.
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The Grammar Translation Method (GTM) is an method of second language instruction based mostly on the translation of passages from the native language into the target language. Along
differences between direct method and grammar translation?
the grammar translation method is rong cause a lot of people who think they know how to translate dont. it would take forever to learn it the correct way 0 1 Comment
The Cognitive Approach interpreted as the “modern version of Grammar-Translation Method” because it has rediscovered valuable features in Grammar-Translation Method. The
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