Disadvantages of Tourism?


While many travelers do not think about the long-term impact of their vacations, there are many disadvantages of tourism that may impact the people and environment of a tourist destination.

The most obvious disadvantage to locals is that their everyday living spaces are more crowded, and many times, more costly. This can amount to more traffic and longer wait times. In addition, there are negative effects on the environment for many tourist-based activities. Natural resources are depleted by tourists. Pollution is elevated, and sometimes natural infrastructure is destroyed. These issues are so important that there has been an explosion in the eco-tourism industry.
Q&A Related to "Disadvantages of Tourism"
Air pollution through travel.
The major disadvantage of tourism is that when the economy isn't great,
Advantages of tourism are that: tourists spend a lot of money in hotels, restaurants plane tickets etc, which supports the economy, makes the place popular, get to meet new &
The destruction of natural areas of, in some cases, great natural beauty. Overbuilding. Magaluf, El Orinal etc.
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