Disadvantages of Whaling?


There are plenty of disadvantages of whaling. On one hand, it is a gross misuse of natural resources. Usually, not all of the whale is utilized. Another disadvantage is that it causes whales to go extinct.
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Disadvantages of Whale Hunting It kills whales, which are harmless, intelligent creatures. Whaling has already drastically reduced the number of whales and threatened their survival
Many, many people DO NOT see any advantages of whaling. The disadvantages far outweigh any possible benefits. Countries, such as japan, who still take part in outdated & barbaric
Advantages: people get to eat whale meat and the whalers are paid. It's a living for them Disadvantages: 1. They're wiping out all the whales on the planet. Soon there will be none.
Advantages: you can sell the meat for high prices on specialty market. Disadvantages: pretty much all whale species are close to extinction, the populations are already threatened
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The Disadvantages of Whaling
Whaling is still practiced in many countries around the world. Environmental groups and animal rights activists struggle worldwide to reduce whaling. Education -- about why these groups feel that whaling is unethical -- helps people outside the industry... More »
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