How Did Men Discipline Their Wives in the Late 1800s?


How men disciplined their wives in the late 1800s depends on what part of the world they were in. Some men would beat their wives. Other men would subject them to public humiliation.
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In the 1800's, domestic discipline began to lose favor within
Qur'an (38:44) - "And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath. Qur'an (66:1-5) - "O Prophet! Why ban thou that which Allah hath
Well, first of all, such things only take place in situations where one person has consented to be held accountable in such a way. This is called a "domestic discipline"
Seeing as LDS men don't have sister wives and the LDS Church has a strong policy against spousal abuse, you must be confusing your religions. Possibly you are referring to "True
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Husband discipline is also known as domestic discipline, and some men crave being physically, mentally, or emotionally disciplined by their wives, girlfriends, ...
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