How do you discipline two rambunctious kittens?


Young kittens need to be disciplined, and the most common dilemma most owners have is with biting and clawing. Discourage this behavior with toys and a spray bottle.

  1. Discourage playing with hands and feet

    Do not allow your kittens to play with your hands and feet. Remove your hands or feet from the kittens' reach if they try to bite or claw at them.

  2. Find a toy for the kittens

    Find an alternative object to let the kittens play with instead of your hands and feet. Give them a toy, a stuffed animal or another item you are content to let them be rough with.

  3. Bait the kittens

    Drag the toy in front of the kittens to encourage them to play with it. Rub the toy on their bellies, if they are slow to take the toy, until they grab it.

  4. Release the toy

    Release the toy only when the kittens have grasped the toy, not your hand.

  5. Spray your kittens

    Spray your kittens with a spray bottle of water if they insist on biting or clawing you after repeated efforts to distract them.

  6. Reward your kittens

    Reward your kittens when they have settled from playing with the toy. Pet them on the head or give them a treat to show them that you prefer their corrected behavior.

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