How to Find Discontinued Lipstick?


If a lipstick has been discontinued, it means it will not be found in major retail stores. There are several methods to go about finding the lipstick. MAC actually offers some discontinued lipstick through their website as do other retailers. You can also search for the lipstick online at places like eBay and Amazon.
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1. Shop for your shade at local cosmetic shops or drugstores if the shade was recently discontinued. If you find it, buy as many as you can to stock up. 2. Visit your local flea market
I couldn't find anything on the website about it being discontinued. If you're worried about it though, I'd go to the Mac store and ask them.
None anywhere do- but there is a place in NY that can make it if you have any left- they can duplicate it by color matching; 3 custom color specialists is the name of the company.
You might like this one. MAC Lipstick Snob. MAC Lipstick Color: ~Snob~ Description: A ladylike mauve (Satin) Only authentic MAC items sold here All authentic MAC items have color/
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