How do you install a Dish 500?


To install a satellite dish 500, first you have to scale up the dish network pole mast to a plumb pole and then skate the dish onto the mast pole. Next, regulate the skew of the dish by facing the dish and finally, shift the dish to the right or left in slow increments pausing at each increment.
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1. Connect two pieces of coaxial cable between the dual diplexer and the two coaxial ports on the left side of your Dish 500's LNB. Connect a coaxial cable to the "Sat A"
go back side of plottor pull out the cover on right hand where u plug the usb cable. u will find the two slots coverd by the screws & slot cover remove them. incert the GL2 card
The Dish Network Dish 500 is a multiple-feed satellite dish. The signals from the Dish 500 can be transmitted to more than one satellite receiver, enabling multiple television broadcasts
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Install Instructions for a DISH 500
Dish 500 is a satellite dish receiver antenna for Dish Network Satellite TV service. You have the choice of installing the dish yourself or having a Dish Network certified technician handle the installation for free (if you agree to where and how the... More »
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