Dish Cloth Angel?


A dish cloth angel is an angel that is made out of dish cloths. In order to make one, you need to have a dish cloth, and three rubber bands.
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The purpose of a dish cloth is to dry the dishes that someone is washing so the germs come off and nobody gets sick and dies.
(dĭsh'klôth', -klŏth') n. A cloth for washing dishes.
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Dish cloth angel is a small piece of cloth that is used for washing dishes and usually crotchet or knitted to make a smooth texture surface. Dish clothes are sewn ...
To make a dish towel angel start by folding the dish towel into a fan lengthwise. Next, fold in half and tie the towel to form the head two to three inches away ...
Some people prefer to use a knitted dish cloth instead of a sponge for their cleaning chores. These dish cloths can be attractive as well as functional. If you ...
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