Disney's 101 Dalmatian Puppy Names?


The movie 101 Dalmatians is an animated film by Disney. Not all the puppies in the movie had names. The fat puppy was named Rolly and other of the puppy names include Thunder, Lucky, and Patch.
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Not all of the puppies in Disney's 1961 animated film were named. Some gained names in the animated series or live action remakes. Rolly. Patch. Penny. Lucky. Cadpig. Dipstick. Two-Tone
1. Look at several pictures of the famous Disney Dalmatians. There are several popular ones like Pongo and Dipstick, and just by changing a few of the features, you can customize
Disney didn't name all 101 of them, but they known ones are
Rolly. (pronounced roll-ee, i just can't spell haha)
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Some of the names of the 101 Dalmatians are: Bubba, Seargent, Chew, Bones, Princess, Freckless, Eightball, Orion, Full stop, Snip, Dotcom, Marbles, Sunspot, Nickels ...
The name of the dogs in the animated film 101 Dalmatians are Pongo, Perdita, Lucky, Tripod, Colonel and Dutchess. They all play a part in stopping Cruella de Vil ...
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