Distal Convoluted Tubule Function?


The function of the distal convoluted tubule is to transport, reabsorb, and secrete the glomerular filtrate. It is a coiled distal portion of the tubule connected to the loop of Henle. It contains mitochondria and microvilli.
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The distal convoluted tube is part of the nephron in the kidney. The DCT as it is known filters and diffuses across a membrane much needed materials such as water and ADH. The DCT
The distal convoluted tubule. 1.reabsorbs Na+ ions through coupled secretion of H+ or K+ ions into the tubular fluid, a process which requires the presence of the adrenal hormone
( ′dist·əl ′kän·və′lüd·əd ′tü·byül ) (anatomy) The portion of the nephron in the vertebrate
Aldosterone potentiates hormone-stimulated Mg2+
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