What are the side effects for a dog's distemper shot?


The distemper shot for dogs is intended to vaccinate them against distemper, kennel cough agents, and the parvovirus. If your dog gets distemper, it will have gooey discharge from the eyes and nose, no appetite, coughing, and a fever. With the vaccine, there are several possible side effects. They include lethargy, slight fever, swelling at the injection site, and loss of appetite. If the dog is vomiting or has swelling of the face, you should contact your vet.
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My dog just got her distemper shot 52 hours ago. She is really lethargic, wion't go down stairs, won't eat or drink, and when I rub her back,right near her nipples, the skin tenses
Distemper, also known as canine distemper virus (CDV), is a disease that is very contagious and life-threatening to dogs. It spreads via mucous or watery secretions from the eyes
Those aren't common side effects whatsoever. If anything, the dog would just be a little lazier than usual. I would get ahold of the vet ASAP about this.
"The distemper shot, vaccinates against distemper, parvovirus and
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The Side Effects of a Distemper Shot for Dogs
Canine distemper vaccinations sometimes cause variable side effects in dogs. Not all dogs will experience adverse reactions to essential inoculations, but many will experience side effects regarding the way they feel and behave. Some are mild and of... More »
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