Division Sign Keyboard?


Division can be indicated with a line (e.g., 3/4) or with a horizontal line with a dot above and below it. The former symbol requires you to press the question mark and / key, which is located just to the left of the right shift button on the keyboard. To create the symbol with the dots, hold down the Alt key and type 246.
Q&A Related to "Division Sign Keyboard?"
1. Open the application you wish to use to add your division sign. 2. Place your cursor where you want the division sign to appear. Press the "Num Lock" key to activate
the slash is the divison sign.
You mean like this: ÷ ? Historical reasons. Computer keyboards are based closely on the old typewriter keyboards. With the old mechanical typewriters, every additional key
n. The symbol (÷) placed between two quantities written on a single line to indicate the division of the first by the second. The symbol (/) placed between two quantities written
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