What Happens in a Divorce Deposition?


A divorce deposition is a process in which either the plaintiff or defendant request that a formal, legal interview be administered through the court and respective lawyers. This is used in cases where it is essential that the truth of a situation be revealed, such as financial information, or information related to abuse or infidelity. The process is somewhat expensive and should not be used lightly.
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Discovery Tools. A deposition is one of many discovery procedures. The deposition is an opportunity for one party to take the sworn oral testimony of the opposing party. Other discovery
According to nolopress the definition of deposition is, “An important tool used in pretrial discovery where one party questions the other party or a witness in the case. Often
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In the US, divorce is granted by the courts, not "concluded by deposition. Deposition is a sworn question/answer session that may determine cause or settlement in a divorce action
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