When did Luci Baines Johnson divorce Patrick Nugent?


Luci Baines Johnson divorced Patrick Nugent in 1979. They had been married for 13 years and had four children. In 1984, she remarried Ian Turpin, a banker.

Luci, the younger daughter of Lyndon Johnson, was a young teenager when her father became president. She was 19 years old when she married Nugent. She had converted to Catholicism in 1965, and the couple had a formal Catholic wedding. Her older sister, Lynda Bird Johnson, married Marine Captain Charles S. Robb the following year. In 1979, Luci and Nugent received a Catholic annulment in addition to the divorce. Luci and her current husband live in Austin, Texas.

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According to the Milwaukee Sentinel, Sept 1, 1979, under no-fault Texas divorce laws, Mrs. Nuget reported the marriage was "insupportable" because of "discord."
If they are Catholic maybe they did it for religeous reasons. I believe and i could be corrected but a divorcee isn't allowed to re marry in a church.
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July 2nd 1947.
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