Djarum is a company that produces a variety of products. They are best know for their clove cigarette. The company sells tobacco, cloves and cigarettes.
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It's a very popular brand of clove cigarettes that have a sweet aroma. ChaCha on!
Well, it's pronounced JA ROOM . hope this helps.
Not legal advice. All clove Cigarettes, which include Djarum and all its products are banned because of FDA regulation.
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Djarum Cloves are cigarettes which are made in Indonesia. They are manufactured by Gallaher Group. The cigarette ingredient is cloves which are found in a tree ...
Djarum Vanilla is a clove cigarette. The company that produces this clove cigarette by PT Djarum. It combines tobacco and cloves and the vanilla comes from the ...
Djarum clove cigarettes also called kretek, are a mixture of 60% ...
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