DMV Saturday Hours?


The Department of Motor Vehicles (or DMV) is responsible for issuing driver's licenses and vehicle registration. Citizens take tests in order to get issued a driver's license and must renew it every so often. The hours of operation for each DMV location is slightly different and can be looked up online through a DMV locator. They are generally open every weekday but not on Saturday or Sunday. You should check the hours of operation before visiting a location to avoid unnecessary trips.
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Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Shelbyville License Branch,
The Department of Motor Vehicles is a much-maligned organization that regulates automobiles and licensure. The hours which the DMV is open in New Jersey are variable depending on
5401 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60630 (312)793-1010 Friday 8:30 am - 5:00
BMV License Agency - 531 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203
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The DMV in Minneapolis, Minnesota is open on Saturdays. However, the hours are fewer than those during the week, usually from nine in the morning to noon. ...
To find out if the DMV is open on Saturday in Florida, you must visit the Florida DMV website. The hours of operation vary for each county and city. The DMV is ...
There are no DMV locations in California that are open on Saturdays. Before budget cuts, they were open once a month on Saturdays. ...
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