DNA Model Ideas?


DNA models are a common science fair project for young students while they are in school. Some ideas for making models include toothpicks and foam balls to replicate the DNA chain. Another idea would be noodles or construction paper chains.
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Learning how to make a DNA model is a great way for kids to demonstrate that they understand how the various chemicals combine to form a DNA strand. Creating a DNA model is really
1. Paint the balls using the six different colors. You will need 24 black balls, 24 white balls, 13 blue balls, 13 red balls, 13 yellow balls and 13 green balls. 2. Attach two toothpicks
1 Get your supplies. To make a DNA model out of clay, you will need to first purchase your clay of choice. A polymer clay in at least six colors will do the trick, in addition to
They show which of your parents' traits were dominant.
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DNA Model Ideas
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) carries the genetic information for all multi-cellular life forms. James D. Watson and Francis Crick discovered its basic structure. DNA is constructed as a double helix, which is like a ladder that has had its sides twisted... More »
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