Do Affairs Last?


Some affairs normally build up to strong love and as a result end up lasting. However, most affairs are based on sexual attraction and as result end up not working. Most people fall in to affairs without seriousness intention which is why most affairs tend to be short term.
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An affair can be anything from a one night stand to a lifetime lasting event. This differs based on the people involved and the situation.
As long as you want it to.
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I am truly in love with the man I've been having an affair with for 6 years.. Our relationship was a victim of circumstance, but the choices that we made landed us in two completely
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Affairs do not have a definite time table. Many times an affair can last for one evening or extend for many years. People can have emotional and physical affairs ...
Most people enter into an affair because it is something different and exciting. An affair can be a one night stand or it could be a long standing love affair. ...
Although emotional affairs can last for several years, or may last for long periods of time, most of emotional affairs do not really last for long. This is because ...
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