Do all beds need a box spring?


All beds do not need box springs. Many mattresses work fine on platform or slat bases. Although box springs are popular in North America, in most other parts of the world alternate mattress supports are more common.

Box springs give a different feel to a mattress than a platform or slat base. A box spring produces a softer effect with a bouncier feel. Platforms and slats produce a firmer mattress surface. Some mattress manufacturers recommend that their mattresses only be used with new compatible box springs. When buying a new mattress, it is important to check to make sure that the warranty remains in effect if the mattress is placed on an alternate support base.

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1. Decide where you want to set the bed up. Get the bed frame and lay the pieces of it on the floor where the bed will be. Unfold the frame pieces. Arrange them so that the length
A box spring bed is a bedspring made of cloth and coil springs. Used on top of a bed frame
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If you have a platform bed that provides a firm and flat support surface, you can place a mattress alone on it and the mattress will perform just fine. Modern one-sided matttress
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