Do All Fish Have Teeth?


Yes both types of fish do have teeth. They aren't teeth like you'd normally think teeth (front of the mouth used for chewing like a piranha'a or northern pike's, but smaller and located in the back of the mouth. These are called pharyngeal teeth. They occur on the insides of the gill arches and in some species on the roof of the mouth. Pharyngeal teeth are very important in the identification of many of the minnow species - the number of teeth and number of rows are about all you have to go by in some that look nearly identical otherwise - and this is written in a 'shorthand' as something like '2,3', meaning the first row has two teeth, the second has three. I had to look at plenty of them when I too a fish identification class when I was in college. Fish anatomy is primarily governed by the physical characteristics of water, which is much denser than air, holds a relatively small amount of dissolved oxygen, and absorbs more light than air does.
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Many fish have teeth, like carnivorous fish like sharks and bottom
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For starters, goldfish don't have teeth and neither do angel fish or the blow fish.
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Most fish do not have teeth, thought they have structures that enable them capture their food. Some species, however, have teeth including the lionfish, cichlids and pupperfish.
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