Do All Plants Need Soil to Grow?


Not all plants need soil to grow as some plants are purely aquatic meaning they get their nutrients from water. Some other plants called Epiphytes do not require soil or water to grow but obtain nutrients for their survival from the air and the rain.
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1. Till the land where you want to grow a plant in the soil. Go over the area with a tiller or use a shovel to break the soil apart to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 inches. Pull
Some Mosses and liverworts can grow on moist rocks and on tree stems. Two broad groups of plants live on other plants with out the need of soil. Epithets are plants grow on a host
1. To have plants grow in 6 inches of soil you will need to have either planter boxes or pots to plant in. If you want to, you can make them yourself. If you make your boxes, you
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The plants that grow in rocky soil are cactus, succulents like agave, yucca, and aloe. Mediterranean plants, such as olive trees, rosemary and lavender and desert ...
Alkaline soil usually has a high pH of more than 7 and it is considered a poor soil structure with a low infiltration capacity. There are quite a number of plants ...
Plant need soil as it provides them with support and mineral nutrients required for their healthy growth and development. Plants are able to anchor themselves ...
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