Do Animals Cry Tears?


Animals do not cry but do produce tears. Tears are produced by the lachrymal system, tissues which make water. The fluid in tears is rich in nutrients and also has anti bacterial properties which help to fight infections.
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While animals do not cry in the way that humans do, they do produce tears. Tear
Dogs, Hogs, Pigs, Cats ETC.
Many animals' eyes can tear. None cry.
1. Sketch an action line to depict the action of the crying girl. For example if the girl is sitting, the action line should start as a vertical, for the top part of the body, and
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Dogs have tear ducts and they are capable of shedding tears just like others animals. But whether the tears are linked with emotion like crying or with a disorder ...
Animals do cry but not for the same reasons that make humans cry. Animals produce tears from time to time as a way of cleaning the eyes and thus having healthy ...
Tears are what is produced when humans cry. They are also the body's natural way of keeping the eye moist and clean. Tears are mostly made up of sodium and a tiny ...
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