Do Apples Contain Citric Acid?


Apples do contain around 10% citric acid. The acid occurs naturally and may be used to prevent foods from spoiling due to bacteria, mold, fungi or yeast, prevent changes in color, flavor or texture, delay rancidity and maintain freshness.
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1 apple contains 21.67 mg citric acid.
1. Look first in grocery stores. Citric acid is usually sold in powdered form, sometimes as "sour salt" and frequently in the spices or kosher foods section. Check the ingredients
Foods containing citric acid naturally include citrus fruit, berries, pineapple,
5% acidity means 95 parts (by volume) water to 5 parts pure acetic acid. both acetic acid and water are liquids. acetic acid has a density of 1.049 gm/ml. so 5% by volume is 5.25%
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